Making My R Ladies Map

Creating a map of R Ladies chapters that I have visited.


July 20, 2020

How I made my R Ladies Map

This week I am curating the We are R Ladies account on Twitter and I wanted to make my R Ladies map on which I show each R Ladies chapter that I have given a talk for and also my home chapter. Since the United States and Turkey are far away from each other I wanted to make two separate maps.

Getting Ready to Map

There are many packages for spatial data in R but I did not need anything too complicated and I started with ggplot2.


For each R Ladies chapter I compiled the data for latitude and longitude of the locations. I also used R Ladies logo in the maps so I included the image url in the tibble as well. The name of the tibble is places.

location <- c("Columbus", "Sarasota", "New York City",
              "Miami", "Irvine", "Istanbul", "Ankara", "Eskisehir")
lat <- c(39.961178, 27.336483, 40.713054,
         25.775084, 33.685908, 41.00824,
lon <- c(-82.998795, -82.538602, -74.007228,
         -80.194702, -117.824719, 28.978359,
         32.851977, 30.521647)

rladies_logo_url <- ""

image <- rep(rladies_logo_url, length(location))

places <- tibble::tibble(location = location,
                 lat = lat,
                 lon = lon,
                 image = image)

Getting Maps

I wanted to get the simplest map so borders() was good enough for me. I made one for the United States and one for Turkey.

us_map <- ggplot() +
          fill = "lightsteelblue") 


tr_map <- ggplot() +
  borders("world", "turkey", fill = "lightsteelblue") 


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